How to make an erotic selfie

Making your own sexy photos can be a lot of fun. But how to make your own erotic selfie?

As you move past the threshold of shame and uncertainty, it brings a new feeling of appreciation about your own sensual appearance. Making your own erotic selfie can be very empowering!

In this blog Zander Neuman, photographer from Sweden, and I will give you tips and tricks how to make a wonderfull sensual selfie.

Try it yourself

Wonderful pictures

Let’s make some wonderful sensual pictures. Best is to use a camera, but the quality of mobile phones is high enough and will do it as well. Most easy is when you have somebody who can make your pictures. But don’t worry, you can do it yourself as well.

Create a loving atmosphere

Make it a special event for yourself and take plenty of time. As if you were on a date with someone special (you!).  Create a loving atmosphere, turn on sensual music, candles, essential oil, whatever makes you feel sensual and relaxed.

Set yourself free

Don’t be shy. The first two or three 5 minute sessions you will! But then you will ease into a mood where you get more comfortable and might find the clicking from the camera a bit relaxing and meditative. Try to get into the mood and don’t be hard on yourself.

How to (un)dress

You can undress as much or little as you want- you are the boss. You do not have to be more naked than what feels good for you.

It may help to start with clothes on that makes you feel special. You can think of a kind of striptease; imagine someone stunning looking and admiring you. You could take an object with you/ in your hands that makes you feel special and sensual.

Using an object with a special meaning can add a very personal touch to your photo. Or look at the photo up here; what a stunning effect from the light snake!

How not to pose

Try not to pose … and don’t try to wait for the click … just move and be and focus on your self. You can turn your side to the camera, your back (looking backwards). Make some twists, put your hands on your body, give yourself a slow massage with a nice oil (coconut oil is great) …. be creative.

Use your imagination

Think about somebody standing behind the camera and observing. Or someone that you would consider seeing your final drawings! Think about him or her standing there watching you.

Feel free

Move it

Move around. Move to the music, follow your body. Exaggerate your movements … bend a bit more, turn a bit more, turn away from the camera more than you think. Very good photos comes from seeing someone from the side or behind.

Have fun and play

Try to keep moving and breathing and connect with your sensuality. Ideally, you forget the photo’s and focus totally on you and yourself. Enjoy it! Make it a fun thing to do. No seriousness. Make mistakes, make ugly ones, make messy ones. Let go of the result. Play and relax.

Use a tripod

Use a tripod, do not shoot holding your camera in your hand. Your body should be free to move.

Take time to set your camera. Prepare yourself and take more time then you think to set up the camera and make sure the focus is in the right plane and also to figure out how much you can move around without part of you ending out of frame.

Self timer

You ideally need a self timer that allows you to set the camera so that it takes a new picture every 3 – 5 seconds and do that until you shut it off. An alternative is to use a phone and install an app that do timelaps.

Also possible is to keep the shutter of your mobile phone camera pressed continuously- it will make several images in a short time frame.


About the lighting: please use no flash. Make your photos by daylight. Best is when you have a source of light from one direction.

Take a look at this tutorial:

The photographer talks about contrast and placing your camera 90 degrees from the light source. That is what you need to aim for as much as possible.

Black and white

Consider to make your photo in black and white. It looks much better for yourself to start with. Think about having the camera clicking on for 5- 10 minutes at least. That will be some 100 – 200 pictures and that is what you need.

Zander Neuman


Zander Neuman is a an aclaimed photographer in Stockholm Sweden with a lot of experience in creating picture together with women of all ages.

He especially likes to photograph women that dislike standing in front of the camera (especially naked) but still would like to have nice photos of themself.

By creating a safe, comfortable and creative space and time he gives people bith an opportunity and a reason to see themselfs thru friendly and kind eyes including their own.

Instagram: @zanderneuman

Mirjam Torenbeek

Mirjam Torenbeek

Erotic artist

Mirjam is an erotic artist who empowers women by painting their erotic self.

She also makes erotic drawings from your erotic selfie.

Are you interested to have your own erotic drawing? Take a look here.

Instagram: eroticsoulart