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Een sensuele tekening van jezelf laten maken geeft een goed gevoel! Elke vrouw is verrast als ze werkelijk ziet hoe prachtig ze is.

To make it bit easier, I have something very accessible for you!

Maak je eigen foto en ik maak er een tekening van.

Kijk naar jezelf door mijn ogen en zie hoe prachtig je bent

You make the photo, I make the drawing

Is it on your wishlist to have an erotic drawing of yourself? I know how exciting that is. You may want it, but you have doubts because you do not love all parts of your body. Or your doubts are about exposing yourself to the camera. For sure, you are not the only one!

Maybe you dare this: you make your own erotic selfie, I make it into an artistic drawing. In your own environment, you are in control.

The reward for your courage is permanent: your own erotic drawing! How cool! It is fun and exciting.

Step 1. Make your selfies

Make your own erotic sensual photos. It is not about a perfect body. They key is your sensual female energy. With tips and tricks I will help you to make nice and juicy photos of yourself.

And guess what? It is a lot of fun to do!

Select five pics you want to share with me. What about your privacy? No worries, we make strict agreements about privacy and destruction of the photos. Your images are in safe hands.

Mirjam Torenbeek, erotisch kunstenaar

Step 2. I create your erotic drawing

Using the best photo, I create an artistic erotic drawing. Your feminine energy in charcoal. Wow!

Step 3. Open it up!

Within Europe you will receive your drawing by postal delivery. Outside of Europe you receive your drawing digitally. Have your digital image be printed at a professional print shop. What a great moment to have your own drawing!

Have the drawing framed in a frame and hang it in a beautiful spot. You will be proud of yourself!

Ik vond het best spannend. Het resultaat is prachtig geworden! Geen woorden voor.


what a beautiful drawing! I am very pleasantly surprised!

I really enjoyed doing it. To take beautiful pictures of myself, to be proud of myself.

It has given me an enormously positive boost. ”


Examples of drawings

Every erotic drawing I make gets my full attention. My aim is to transfer the sensual energy that I see in you on to the paper.

Zo’n tekening is geen exacte weergave van jouw details maar jouw uitstraling. Dit zijn enkele voorbeelden van zwart-wittekeningen die ik eerder maakte.

tekening van jezelf laten maken. Mirjam Torenbeek 2022
online naakttekening

“IIn one word: FABULOUS
Truly beautiful


This is a really nice gift to myself. I feel feminine, I enjoy life, I feel so touchable.




South Africa

shibari Mirjam Torenbeek 2022

Shipment within Europe.

Outside Europe you receive the drawing digitized. 

More information

Conditions and prices

What is the price?

Zwart-wit tekening van houtskool op papier op basis van zelf aangeleverde foto.  Formaat: ongeveer 45 x 60 cm. 

2 personen: 385 euro

1 persoon: 325 euro


The shipping costs within the Netherlands are 12,95 euro. I will find out your shipping costs outside the Netherlands as soon as you make the order.


Your artwork will be delivered without frame. Framing is necessary and I recommend that you have this done by a framer.

What to expect?

Na aanmelding ontvang je de algemene voorwaarden en een betaalverzoek.

Je krijgt je een uitgebreide tutorial hoe je fijne foto’s van jezelf kunt maken. Je regelt dus je eigen fotosessie.  Gekleed, half gekleed of ongekleed- jij bepaalt wat je wilt laten zien.

You send the best five photos to me by e-mail. Next I choose the most suitable photo of which I make an artistic drawing. This is a creative process in which I fully deploy my qualities. The result of this artistic process cannot be guaranteed in advance. With your order you agree with the end product you will receive.

Delivery time is approximately two weeks. If this is longer, you will be notified as soon as possible.

If you live in Europe, you receive the drawing by delivery.

Houd er rekening mee dat houtskool en conté afgeven. Ik fixeer de tekening, maar deze moet evengoed ingelijst worden.


What about my privacy?

Your photo images are used exclusively as visual material for sketching and drawing.

Your photos will be permanently destroyed after making your drawing.

I will never publish anything that you do not consent to. All photos on this website are posted with the permission of the women involved.

Read the privacy statement

Bestel je tekening

Bestel je erotische zwart-wittekening hier.

First read the conditions and privacy statement 


I order

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